Boarding Kennels

Dogs boarding

Dogs Boarding

Small: 40.00
Medium: 45.00


X Large (difficult) 55.00
*All prices are per dog per day, incl of food and bedding.
** No discount for "Bitches on Heat" during our peak holiday periods. 
Cats boarding

Cats Boarding

R35.00 each

*All prices are per cat per day, inclusive of food and bedding.

Take note:

  • Your animals will be well taken care of in our peaceful surrounding's out of the hustle and bustle of a busy town.
  • The dog kennels are secure and clean and dogs are dipped and exercised, by a competent staff member.
  • The cattery is situated away from the noise of barking dogs in a secure, peaceful, safe environment.
  • Please note that Boarders are not accepted after hours unless prior arrangements have been made with the office staff during the office hours.
  • Only animals with valid vaccinations will be accepted into the boarding kennels. Please make sure that your pets vaccinations are up-to-date, in order to safeguard all boarders, from contagious diseases.