Wednesday, 05 October 2011 11:12

National Animal Week

National Animal Week is from the 4th - 10th October 2011

To mark "World Rabies Day", which was on the 28th September, 2011, we held a rabies clinic in Empangeni at the Fire Station between 4pm - 8pm

We vaccinated 166 dogs and cats in the space of 4hrs.

Our Senior Inspector and Kennel Supervisor will be going to Kwadlangeswa and Vulindlela on Thursday the 6th October, 2011 to do an Outreach Program, for the animals in those communities who cannot get to the SPCA for treatments..- We hope to be able to reach 400 animals.
The treatments will include:
Rabies vaccinations
Deworming dipping and injections of Ivermec for internal and external parasites
Mange treatments
Any minor wounds that we can attend to if the animal has not been seen by a veterinarian, because the owner is unable to afford to go to a vet.

Any animal who needs urgent veterinary care, or is in a poor condition of neglect, or injury will be seen to. .

This will give our SPCA officials the chance to educate the community on the care of their animals and who to contact in the case of emergency.
So often when we go into the rural areas, we find animals whio have been badly injured by vehicles dogfights, or other and they are simply left to fight the battle alone.. Often this is due to ignorance and in cases of deliberate cruelty, the Inspectorate will intervene and may even prosecute, depending on the situation.

Each animal will cost our SPCA approx R15. to treat, so if you would like to sponsor one or more animals, please contact our office to arrange this, 035-7929129.
Econo Cartridge in The "SPAR 5 Ways Mall" will collect your donation - speak to Judy Blakeman or leave it in an envelope marked with your name & the reference: "NAW outreach" at one of the vets in Empangeni. (Dr Fourie or Dr Morkel)