Wednesday, 20 June 2012 20:06

Empangeni SPCA assists cow in an open manhole

SPCA received a call from a local man who was concerned for the safety of a Cow that had fallen into an open manhole, and was trapped. The SAPS and the municipality were unable to assist and told him to "Phone the SPCA" - Armed with a Hyundai bakkie, ropes, a Senior Inspector with years of rescue experience in the field of domestic and farm animals and another SPCA kennel assistant, Off they went from Empangeni to Kwamsane in Mtuba.. After securing the assistance of a TLB machine and driver who happened to be not too far away,, Roland Fivaz managed to free the trapped animal and see it off on its way.... We thank the person who phoned us for help, and who never gave up on the plight of this unfortunate animal, even after he himself was turned down by his own community..
The Induna as well as some Councillors were on scene watching the rescue, and gave their sincere thanks to staff members in attendance.
It goes without saying that the other hero was the community member who persisted in getting help for this animal, even after he was turned away by those he trusted to help him......